grant consulting blends the time-tested "shirt-sleeve" approach to accounting with today's state of the art
technologies to provide individuals and small businesses with professional tax preparation, bookkeeping
and other financial services... all at fair, affordable fees.
with over 30 years as an accounting professional, bill grant has put his skills and expertise to work for a
wide variety of small businesses throughout Massachusetts in addition to serving the needs of individual
taxpayers.  his clientele range from advertising agencies to veterinarians and the tax returns he has
prepared are from the basic short forms to very complicated ones.
putting your financial house in order
working with you or your controller, grant consulting will help set up computerized systems, prepare your
tax returns and devise financial strategies with the utmost attention to detail and the highest ethical standards
consistent with an understanding of the practical approach to problem solving.  training can be provided to
allow you or your office staff to handle the complete accounting cycle.  if you prefer, the work can be done by
our trained professionals either at your location or in our office and returned to you in a timely manner.
helping you help yourself
our aim is not only to help you put your financial house in order, but to enable you to handle your company's
recordkeeping responsibilities on your help you to truly become independent.   to this end, we will train
you and/or your designated personnel in the latest versions of the most popular accounting software for small
businesses and continue monitoring your progress until you are in control.
at your service...year round
what should not be underestimated is that we are available to serve you six days a week, twelve months a year
with office hours from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm... and we stand by the services we provide 100%.  you can rely on
grant consulting to persevere to complete the assignment even if your records have been let go and tax returns
have not been filed for many years.  when your ready, we are ready to help.
for more complete information about grant consulting and the financial services we provide, please call us at
(617) 268-5817.


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